Eight things to keep in mind before watching ‘La casa de papel 4’

Eight things to keep in mind before watching 'La casa de papel 4'

He is here to save people from the routine of confinement. Returns The paper house with its fourth season, and it does so with its usual fast pace, at the height of the first installments.

It premiered for the first time in May 2017 on Antena 3 and Netflix relaunched it worldwide. Three years later, it continues to generate madness.

LCDP 4 It can be summarized in eight key facts. All of them have made fiction a worldwide success:

1. One of the strengths of the first and second seasons is that, unlike a heist movie, there is time to get to know the characters better. The fourth season recovers that essence, as the professor points out.

two. The appearance that surprised – and could seem like a cameo – in the third season was not a coincidence: that of Belen Cuesta. And it’s not spoiler.

3. LCDP it talks about social injustices and, perhaps, it can connect with the coronavirus crisis: we can have the capacity to reflect at home, to see how things are, to have time to see what works and what does not work, and perhaps as a society we can react ”, Explains its protagonist Alvaro Morte.

Four. Alicia Sierra remains the most extreme and detestable character in the series and maintains her double personality. She is the atypical torturer.


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