Emmanuel Mammana, the former OL player, confides in his suicidal thoughts

Emmanuel Mammana, the former OL player, confides in his suicidal thoughts

Argentinian defender Emmanuel Mammana recounted how he came to the idea of ​​ending his life after the sudden loss of his mom and dad. A tragic story from which he was able to recover.

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Emmanuel Mammana with the OL jersey

Emmanuel Mammana (24) is recovering from a knee injury in Russia, where he is wearing the Zenith St. Petersburg jersey. The injury, and the period of recovery that accompanies it, although common in the life of a top athlete, are always difficult to manage for a professional footballer. But that’s nothing compared to losing a parent in a man’s life. Former Argentine OL defender (2016-2017) Emmanuel Mammana experienced this misfortune when he was younger.

He thought of committing suicide

“I wanted to leave everything after the death of my old man, I had already lost my mother … I thought of leaving football. The crazy idea of ​​committing suicide also crossed my mind. It happened twice, “he confessed during an open-hearted interview with Ole.

“It was difficult, really very difficult. These two or three months cost me dearly. But I was able to get out of it, despite the pain. And River helped me. I realized at home that they had fought so hard for me to happen that I couldn’t screw it up because of this sadness. I had to fulfill my father’s dream: to play in the first division. “

“Injury is nothing compared to losing a parent”

And he succeeded, despite a winding trajectory which notably led him to France, to Lyon, where he was welcomed as the future boss of the Argentine selection in defense. His passage in Russia was then marred by numerous injuries, the last of which, a rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee, from which he is barely recovering.

“I know today that these injuries are important, but it is nothing compared to the loss of a parent, a dad or a mom, he assured. Today, I have my wife and son who give me the strength to keep going. The wounds, though hard to take, heal. ” Some wounds heal, others don’t.


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