EnjoyPhoenix annoyed by certain clues to discover it

EnjoyPhoenix annoyed by certain clues to discover it

EnjoyPhoenix has just attacked the 12 strokes noon show. Clues concerning her were revealed but they did not like her.

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The 12 noon shots: EnjoyPhoenix annoyed by certain clues to discover it

Every day in the program the 12 noon shots, the game master must find who is behind the Mysterious Star. This Tuesday, April 21, Eric, who has been winning since last November broke a new record. He took second place in the ranking of the greatest champions in the history of the game, with a prize pool of more than 778,000 euros.

And this Tuesday, the 40-year-old designer had to find out who was hiding behind the famous star. After several days of research, the player finally recognized EnjoyPhoenix.

Incidents she doesn’t understand

The influencer Marie Lopez who reacted with her political video, learned that she was hiding behind the Mysterious Star. This is why she decided to follow the program and see if Eric managed to unmask it. Surprised to learn that she was worth “34,000 balls”, the young woman was annoyed by certain clues presented to Eric. We could see a cell phone, a yoga mat, a mouse, a joystick or fries. While some clues are quite clear since they refer to her job as an influencer, La Youtubeuse has not understood the others who, according to her, do not correspond to her. In a story on her Instagram account, she confided in her subscribers, quite puzzled “I’m not here at all, I don’t understand… By cons respect me next time guys, tmtc eh”.


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