Escriva stops Churches feet and says that there will be no provisional minimum income

Escrivá stops Churches feet and says that there will be no provisional minimum income

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Escriva has stopped his feet toPablo Iglesias. The Minister of Inclusion and Social Security assures that the Government will approve a “structural and permanent” minimum income “soon”, that is, not temporary and extraordinary, which will complement other types of regional income and aid and that will be associated with an inclusion itinerary .

In an interview in El Pais, the minister explains that Social Security is carrying out whats “preparatory work” for the creation of this income, that “it will not conflict” with the regional ones, but as a whole they will raise the incomes of the families up to a certain threshold, depending on the type of family (if they have children or if they are single-parent, for example).

Regarding the announcement last week by the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, of the creation of a temporary minimum vital income or “bridge” until the creation of a permanent one, Escriva assures that it was a “well-intentioned initiative” aimed at alleviating the situation of vulnerable groups.

The minimum income prepared by Social Security will be compatible “with a fuller incorporation into the labor market”, but it will also be associated with inclusion itineraries, for example, for those who have problems of drug addiction or access to education.

Regarding the moratorium on social contributions, the minister assures that it will be applied based on a sector classification and that the ministerial order that regulates it “is almost finished” and that “in the coming days” the procedures prior to its publication will begin.

Regarding the requests of businessmen for tax holidays, Escriva believes that it is necessary to “discriminate” with measures that are “fair and balanced”, so that they are “absolutely generous and extensive” for those who have been “forced” to stop their activity, but not for the rest of the companies.


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