Estela Grande makes it clear again that she does not intend to return to Diego Matamoros: “I want to be alone”

Estela Grande confesses what Diego Matamoros cannot forgive

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Estela Grande He has returned to want to take stock of his relationship with Diego Matamoros on his Mtmad channel and incidentally he has spoken of other aspects, mentioning his intimate friendship with Kiko Jiménez when he was in ‘GH VIP 7’ and in ‘The discount time’. It was this friendship that undoubtedly pushed for a distancing in their marriage that has ended in a breakup.

Of course, this friendship has completely disappeared because it has made it clear that you do not want to know anything about him or his partner, Sofía Suescun. As for her decision regarding her marriage, she has been very clear: “If I have decided to be alone it is because it is good for me at the moment. It has nothing to do with either Diego or Kiko. I have made it clear many times that my relationship with Diego has not ended either for Kiko or for anyone. I want to be alone and I have decided to be aloneI have my reasons to be like this. I can’t, I don’t want, and I don’t need to be with anyone because it hurts me. The only one that It does me good is me and being with my friends. ¿Why is it so difficult to understand? ”

It seems that his emotions are very internalized right now and that is why he is doing what your feelings tell you. What is clear is that his time at ‘GH VIP 7’ changed his life completely In every way, as he has continued to say: “Since ‘GH’ I have become a public figure, I understand that people talk about me but I don’t deserve to be stoned.”

And this he does because he feels that he has received many attacks since he left the house, so much so that Kiko Matamoros had gone so far as to say that he had stolen clothes from his daughter Laura, something that Diego Matamoros wanted to completely deny. “I’ve already loaded a lot of time with the mistakes I’ve made But gentlemen and ladies, I do not intend to be whipped with it all my life. I did nothing wrong in Guadalix. It happened, I was wrong and I recognized it. The end. I have every right to decide what is good for me and what is bad for me, “he continued.

Fucking but moving on

Finally, he has made it clear that at no time would anyone be disrespected, no matter how bad he is: “‘Big Brother’ It has been a very important chapter in my life but I have continued advancing. I’m very screwed, I’m on my feet always so as not to offend anyone nor disrespect“So at the moment she is willing to dedicate herself to all the time in the world.


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