Experts see “essential” study the immune response in patients who have overcome the coronavirus

Experts see

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Studying the immune response generated in patients who have overcome the coronavirus will be essential to address the disease, according to the Spanish Society of Immunology (SEI). Society targets three well-defined groups: residences old people, their caregivers and the professionals toilets. Furthermore, it calls on the scientific community to “work collaboratively and in a coordinated manner”.

“This pandemic for now is only controllable by confinement and, as there are still no drugs that have shown efficacy against the virus, it has been questioned the globalization of production as a proposal to offer all patients similar treatments, given the scarcity of some of them, “they explain to Vozpopuli Africa Gonzalez-Fernandez, Professor of Immunology at the University of Vigo and SEI president, and Manel Juan Otero, head of the Immunology Service of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and treasurer of the society.

The researcher Marcos Lopez Hoyos, future president of SEI, has joined the expert committee of the Spanish Medicines Agency and Health Products (AEMPS), which will periodically evaluate the treatments available for the management of Covid-19 disease.

Importance of knowing the immune response

As the pandemic progresses, they point out from this medical society, the importance of knowing the immune response against the virus in those patients who have already overcome the disease. Immunologists target three sectors: the largest of the residences, their caregivers and healthcare staff.

Waiting for the Government to publish a report on the situation of the residences, the latest data provided by the autonomous communities they indicate that there could be more than 10,000 the greatest deaths in these centers. As for the staff infected toilet, the figures speak of 30,600 infected people.

Not all tests have the same sensitivity

For the SEI it is important that there are immune tests in the diagnosis. From society, they clarify that not all tests have the same sensitivity or indications (diagnostic, screening, and / or monitoring of immunization).

Regarding drugs, specialists advise to use immunotherapy-based drugs, such as “cytokine storm” inhibitors and use them as much as possible. early possible.

But, they warn, “we are dependent on the availability of commercial products.” They admit that the approval of clinical trials is being greatly expedited, and in record time, but we have a regulation very guarantor that prioritizes safety ahead of opportunity of proposals, and this complicates the start of new therapies “, affirm doctors Gonzalez-Fernandez and Otero.

Scientists work together

It is very important for society that all scientists work in coordination with the pandemic. Are they not acting in this way? “There is a lot of coordination,” they respond from society. Another issue, they point out, is “if this coordination is sufficient or effective enough

As an example, they cite that society is preparing documents that can be very useful for “immunologists, clinicians and society in general “and who are collaborating with other scientific societies are part of the Expert Committee “to define the drugs to be able to use them in this pandemic”.


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