Fan alliance for measures for recovery

Fan alliance for measures for recovery

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Fan alliance criticizes dependence on TV money

Cologne – The fan alliance “Our Curve” has criticized the German professional clubs for their financial behavior in recent years and called for a rethink. Football is “not only sick since the corona crisis,” says a statement by the interest group. Clubs and associations would have to take advantage of the current crisis to initiate measures to improve professional football.

“The dependence of professional football on television money has never been more visible than in the current situation. It is absurd that Bundesliga clubs can only secure their liquidity if they do without what constitutes football: football matches in filled stadiums,” wrote the alliance. The entire system is as clearly as never before on the test bench.

Maximize revenue as a point of criticism

Specifically, “Our Curve” criticized the fact that in many cases the focus was no longer on sport, but on maximizing income. Football had become a speculative object for billionaires and was as far away from fair competition “as from its own fans,” it said.

As possible measures, the alliance proposed a “fairer distribution of television money within the divisions”. The clubs should also be obliged to create reserves. “The DFL proudly announces increasing profits every year. And now professional football threatens to die because it is uncertain whether the remaining nine game days of a season can be played out,” it said.

If the clubs do not signal a willingness to rethink, the fans consider taking their own measures. A rethink is urgently needed: “Only then can you build on our support in the crisis and in the future.”

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