FIFA validated important measures to relieve clubs during the summer

FIFA validated important measures to relieve clubs during the summer

This Tuesday, FIFA unanimously validated “guiding principles” for the end of the season, such as the automatic extension of player contracts until the end of competitions, or even free transfer dates.

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These proposals were in the pipes for several weeks, they would have been validated. This Tuesday, the Daily Mail indicates having taken note of a document in which FIFA unanimously approves certain “guiding principles” for the end of the season. Clearly, the aid plan of the governing body of world football for clubs, in this coronavirus crisis. They were then published on the FIFA website.

Contracts extended after June 30 if the championships resume

The first point, not least, concerns player contracts. A number of them will officially end on June 30, and clubs are left wondering what to do if the competition continues beyond that. To relieve the heavyweights, FIFA will therefore automatically extend the contracts until the new end of season date. In the case of a player who has already signed up with a future club (on July 1 for example), his old club would have priority until the end of his championship. And if ever a stable can no longer pay a player’s salary beyond June 30, for such or such reason, the body invites the two parties to find an agreement and show good will.

The other interesting point concerns the transfer window. As reported by The Athletic earlier this week, as confirmed by the Daily Mail, FIFA should allow each country to freely set the opening and closing dates for the summer transfer market. A single criterion must a priori be respected: the transfer window cannot last more than 16 weeks. A certain flexibility which could make up for some of the lost time. FIFA should theoretically formalize these announcements this week.


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