Financial worries at Schalke: situation “potentially life threatening”

Financial worries at Schalke: situation

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FC Schalke 04 General Meeting

Even if Schalke 04 as a registered association “is not about to become insolvent”, like the kicker it writes, so there are great concerns about the economic security of the miners. That is also because of the Corona crisis.

Schalke 04 has lost its close proximity to the top of the Bundesliga in sport and finance in recent years. Successes such as the runner-up championship and the associated qualification for the Champions League in the 2017/18 season were earned, but have now become an exception. International business remains the goal, of course, and also because of important income.

No acute risk of bankruptcy – the situation is still life threatening

Alexander Jobst, marketing and communications director at S04, chose clear words last summer when he said at the general meeting that he was “very worried” about the club. By this, the 46-year-old meant neither the sporting nor the financial situation. He saw the big picture: “No fan, no member, no sponsor wants to be with a club that has no future.” Of course, he did not mean that Schalke generally had no future – Jobst had warned of a critical situation that the current corona crisis has brought closer.

The royal blue depend on the normal income, so to speak, as the proud e.V. These feed on marketing and TV, transfers and sporting success. The sporting success that comes with bonuses and splendor has been much too irregular in recent years for financial security to be derived from it. Large transfer proceeds could also not be achieved as reliably as would be necessary for a training association (in a positive sense). Now the TV funds are missing, which are of great value for royal blue. It is therefore not surprising that one is worried about Schalke and that, like Jobst (“potentially life-threatening”), it also speaks clearly.

Jochen Schneider, Alexander Jobst, Peter Peters, Clemens Toennies, Dr. Jens Buchta

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Jochen Schneider, Alexander Jobst, Peter Peters, Clemens Toennies, Dr. Jens Buchta

Already at the last general meeting, Jobst spoke clearly to the S04 supporters

According to kicker however, the S04 is not “immediately before insolvency”. He does not have to do that in order to be entitled to worry, but it is still important that this can be stated. Jobst himself was also confident about the current DFL plans: “If we can continue the season in May, then we are also confident. We are positive that we will master the crisis.”

Even if Schalke is not in immediate and acute danger of having to go into direct bankruptcy in the next few weeks, the current situation should certainly not be underestimated. After all, it could “not be predicted” when Schalke would no longer manage it in terms of liquidity, said Jobst in a livestream with numerous S04 fans last week. However, he does not want to put the topic of a possible outsourcing in a causal context, even if the discourse about it grows.

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