Ford Almussafes (Valencia) proposes another ERTE for 5,300 employees spread over three months

Ford Almussafes (Valencia) proposes another ERTE for 5,300 employees spread over three months

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The management of the factory Ford from Almussafes (Valencia) and the works council are planning to sign this Thursday a new ERTE for organizational and production reasons, which will affect some 2,700 employees, to 1,500 in June and about 1,100 in July.

East ERTE will replace, from Sunday May 3, the one requested at the beginning of the state of alarm due to force majeure.

The company resumes production next Monday gradually, except for the engine plant, which is slated to start on May 18.

According to EFE, the president of the works committee, Carlos Faubel (UGT), will be the sixth Record of employment regulation in two years for employees of the automobile company (7,400), and will be signed with the same salary conditions as the previous one.

Union representatives held two meetings with management on Wednesday, the first to discuss the protocol for restarting activity within the framework of the occupational health and safety committee, and the second to discuss the production plan and the new ERTE.

Workers will have to wear a mask when they are at the factory. They will be provided when boarding the bus or at the access control

At the first meeting 18 risk protection and prevention measures have been agreed within the indications that the management sent to employees last week by email.

Security measures

The Ford workers will have to carry mask hygienic whenever they are in the factory, which will be provided when boarding the bus or at the access control, where they will take the temperature and they must deliver the certificate of a self-assessment test about symptoms, confirmation of the virus in the last fourteen days or living with the infected, among other measures.

At the second meeting, Faubel explained, a new ERTE for organizational reasons, with the initial forecast of recovering the three production shifts at the end of June.

East new ERTE hhas been justified by the management, according to Faubel, by the falling demand, which will lead the company to manufacture more than 13,000 fewer cars than expected during May, about 3,200 during June and about 1,300 in July.

The ERTE will affect during the month of May about 2,700 employees, 1,500 in June and about 1,100 in July

The new file will affect during the month of May to about 2,700 employees, to some 1,500 in June and ones 1,100 in July, because the engine plant staff will join later than the rest.


Valencian Inter-union, the second union with the largest representation in the company, has asked the management to attend as far as possible the conciliation of the fathers and mothers who work – both – in the factory and have minor children, leaving them to be the last in rejoin if requested.

Likewise, it has requested that the incorporation with a margin of three or four days, given that “it has no cost for the company and would help a large part of the workforce”, and that the percentage of salary supplement above 80%.


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