France outlines a lack of confidence supported by the mayors

France outlines a lack of confidence supported by the mayors

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Two weeks after the end of the confinement in France, the Government prepares with the local officials and the economic and social actors the road map of the return to normality, progressive in sectors such as education or restoration.

The Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, has his agenda busy this Saturday and Sunday with meetings that revolve around transportation, the distribution of masks or the performance of tests, considered essential matters.

The parliamentary debate on the lack of confidence will be held in the National Assembly on May 5. Meanwhile, the Executive has dedicated itself in part to reassuring the most affected economic sectors.

The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, met with representatives of the restaurant sector on Friday and although he stressed that the date of reopening of bars and restaurants will not be set until before the end of May, he expanded his fund for business aid to up to two million turnover, one more than before.

“I understand the impatience of the sector, but we must evaluate the effects of the principle of lack of confidence in order to go to the next stage. Nothing would be worse than giving tourism professionals too early a date and then postponing reopens for health reasons,” he said today in “Le Figaro” the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

Le Maire had also indicated yesterday that Air France will receive 7,000 million euros of bank and state loans to face the crisis caused by the pandemic, while another of some 5,000 million is negotiated with Renault.

The open fronts are multiple: the president of the Confederation of Merchants, Francis Palombi, demanded this Saturday a postponement of the sales for the stores that do this type of promotions, and thirty conservative deputies want the holidays of early July to be postpone September.

As for the tests, France has already surpassed 50,000 detection tests a day, as announced on Saturday by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, and wants to reach at least between 500,000 and 700,000 per week when next May 11 it rises confinement.

Authorities agree that testing more than 60 million French people would be “impossible”, so priority will be given to suspects and those who have been in contact with confirmed coronavirus cases.

It is one of the many axes pending a plan that the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault, will consult with local government associations on Monday before its official presentation, with no date set but scheduled for before the end of the month.

The president, Emmanuel Macron, made it clear on Thursday in a videoconference with mayors that the progressive lack of control should be carried out through close collaboration with the different territorial representatives.

Until now, the leaked clues have revealed the lack of a clear course: the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, advanced on April 21 that the return to classes would be gradual from May 11, but two days later Elíseo indicated that it contemplates that the return is voluntary.

“The government is transforming a puzzle for him into a puzzle for mayors,” president of the association of mayors of small cities, Christophe Bouillon, said on Saturday on the station “Europe 1”.

The Executive does not want to rush its measures in fear of a second epidemic wave. This Friday and since March 1, France had 122,577 registered cases of coronavirus and 22,245 deaths.

The elaboration of the road map back to normality, according to the media, has strained the relationship between Macron and his prime minister, who according to what “Le Figaro” said today has a more technical and conservative approach and would have preferred to postpone the date of the lack of confidence.



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