From friendship to Tano’s palazo: what did Tapia answer?

From friendship to Tano's palazo: what did Tapia answer?

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Tapia with Angelici, on his birthday, in September,

In September of last year, Chiqui Tapia He shared his birthday with guests like Daniel Angelici, who was wearing a hat with the AFA crest. The relationship was close and, therefore, different teams spoke softly of “AFA bostera”. Moreover, Tano had confessed, in 2018, the great relationship: “For many years I have known Chiqui. He is one of the few leaders with whom there is friendship, but not since now that he is president of AFA.” Something broke seems …

Because Angelici said in a note with Clarín that he did not resign his position in the AFA vice presidency because if he left the post it was not for Boca but for Hugo Moyano. If Tano resigned, the AFA remained in the hands of Tapia and Moyano: “Father-in-law and son-in-law, football bye,” Angelici said. And Tapia, with TNT, was somewhat beaten and said that “when I was little, my father taught me to talk about people who are not there. So I don’t have to speak or answer publicly

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Earlier, in a note with Olé on March 20, Tapia even praised Angelici: “Daniel was the leader who really saw the possibility of football normalizing, at a time when we couldn’t be worse. He had the ability to put together to Promotion and First Division and we started to change Argentine football. I have a friendly relationship, because I am a grateful guy. He gave us the ability to drive and supported management, without that we would not have succeeded. It is the truth. ”

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However, something seems to have broken. El Tano hit and Chiqui preferred not to take the rags in the sun. The truth is that what was friendship and trust, with Tevez as a mutual friend of both, today changed. Because change?


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