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Georgia towards deconfinement, despite concerns

Georgia towards deconfinement, despite concerns

USA: Georgia on the verge of deconfinement, despite concerns

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It was the last American state to put in place containment, yet Georgia has just authorized certain non-essential stores to resume their activity. This is the case of beauty salons, sports halls or tattoo parlors which will be able to reopen while respecting social distancing measures. The great state of South America is far from being preserved from the coronavirus. 889 people died there from the pandemic, the 12th most affected state. In addition to Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska also do the same when the United States has crossed the threshold of 50,000 victims. Donald Trump, who has repeatedly said he is in favor of a deconfinement, considered that this “opening” is “very exciting to see”. For now, only Republican governors have allowed their state to reopen. Just over six months before the presidential election, these measures are a call to the right-wing conservative electorate for whom confinement to the coronavirus is unnecessary or even dangerous.