Gloria Camila, very angry with Ana Maria Aldon for her inexplicable attitude towards Rocio Flores

Gloria Camila, very angry with Ana María Aldón for her inexplicable attitude towards Rocío Flores

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Gloria Camila

He saw himself coming. The reunion of Yiya and Rocio Flores has brought a queue waking up old ghosts from the contest. Yiya continues in the same vein with Rocio Flores, or worse, and the daughter of Antonio David has already advanced that she will not enter the rag of provocations. During the gala Yiya has again dispatched against her and again the name of Ana Maria Aldon has taken center stage in the conflict between them.

Ana Maria Aldon was widely criticized in the first weeks of the contest for not defending Rocio Carrascos daughter whom her husband, Jose Ortega Cano, has raised. And the film has been repeated again making Gloria Camila Ortega very angry., Rocio Flores’ aunt and her defender on set. Ana Maria has once again left Rocio Flores alone in the conflict, even after witnessing the anxiety attack she suffered last Tuesday due to Yiyas attacks in No Man’s Land.

Gloria Camila put out her nails for Ana Maria and tried to understand the reason why she did not defend Rocio Flores despite being from her family in the face of such serious insults. Ortega Canos daughter took to the world as a montera, since even her own father did not understand his wife’s attitude in allowing these insults towards Rocio Jurados granddaughter. But today he could not take it anymore and has shown his disappointment with Ana Maria.

Gloria Camila Ana María

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Gloria Camila Ana Maria

“I can’t be killing myself with my friends on the beach because of Rocio”, said Ana Maria, who insisted: “I have come to do my contest (…) If I have to have a beer with Yiya, I will do it. “All in the same night in the Yiya, she has repeatedly accused Rocio of” thief “, despite the fact that the organization has stopped her feet, and has put tares between her and Ana Maria assuring that Ortegas wife has said that Rocio is not from her family, and before this Rocio Flores has said: “Just for being the woman of who she is, of a person who has seen me born and raised me, we are family”. But Ana Maria has turned her back on her, approaching Yiya.

Ana María Aldón

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Ana Maria Aldon

Gloria Camila has seen the videos from the set saying “no” with her head and visibly upset, Jorge Javier has not been slow to ask her and she has responded emphatically and angry with the wife of her father and mother of her brother Jose Maria: “At first I tried to understand it but I do not agree at all with the attitude it has takenSo I can’t tell you anything … I can’t understand his attitude. ”


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