GNTM fans annoyed by Lijanas first-person show

GNTM fans annoyed by Lijana's first-person show

High Noon in the GNTM Saloon: Egomanin Lijanas unequal fight against Maribel goes into the next round. The fans have long since shot at the ambition. Heidi Klum has other things in mind with Lijana.

The application phase for the next jungle camp is on! RTL has certainly not just kept an eye on Lijana by now. The more than confident GNTM candidate has the potential to become the next Danni Buchner. In any case, the reactions on Twitter are devastating. The mood against the 23-year-old student was not improved by the current episode: because Heidi’s model casting once again turned out to be the Lijana ego show. Foreign embarrassment included …

In the “Acting Edition”, Heidi ambitious Lijana and her favorite enemy Maribel were in a team. A prankster who thinks bad! The assessment of the “best in class”: “This will be my weekly goal: to raise Maribel so that in the end it says: ‘Maribel, you belonged to the strongest group!'”

The tasks of the teams of two: not only practice a stunt fight in a saloon – also learn text. Lijanas nasty sister Larissa had her doubts whether Maribel would be there. But Lijana was confident – of course: “I can also be a drill sergeant. I have to kick her in the buttocks. If she is with me in a team, she will practice – all the time until it fits perfectly. No lazy excuses ! “

“They have no balls to tell you in the face!”

The next day we went to shoot in the Wild West: While Tamara and Larissa were already getting started in front of Mario Schmolkas camera, Lijana reminded her “subordinate” Maribel of her duties again: “You are only as strong in the group as that weakest link. Maribel, you have to go through the text all the time now! ” The dominant beauty with a radiant smile reveals to the cameras: “Heidi wants to see me pull up Maribel. That is a very nice pressure. But I can stand it!”

Fact! “I think that was the best couple so far!”, Heidi praised the two dissimilar cowgirls after their performance. And then she asked Maribel to thank Lijana. “Yes, thank you!”, The 18-year-old hugged her colleague dutifully. Lijana relished the triumph. A little later it came how it had to come: “I was sad when I heard all the time that it was due to you!”, Maribel stated after a while. And Tamara also teased: “I found you better than Lijana!” High Noon followed in the saloon: “Suddenly everyone got up and came up to us – like a declaration of war, fitting to the Wild West!”, Remembered Maureen.

“What did you just say?” Asked Lijana. “I found Maribel the best of all of us!” Tamara replied confidently. Another Lijana monologue followed: “It’s a brave statement. She wasn’t in our group and doesn’t know what I did. Maybe envy speaks!” And to Maribel: “I think it’s sucking and thankless of you! Even Heidi said you can thank me for that. I tickled it out of you. You have to honor that and say: ‘Thank you, Lijana!'” Best Buddy Larissa agreed: “They have no balls to tell you in the face! But behind the back they all have a big mouth!”

“You will be ‘Germany’s next top model’!”

The bad mood wasn’t over when the decision-making walk took place: The girls were supposed to do a lip-sync performance in shrill outfits by fashion designer Jeremy Scott (Moschino, “It would be easier to say who I haven’t dressed yet!”) – so move your lips to selected songs. Lijana was happy to be on her own this time: “The more I help others, the more I get a knife rammed in the back!” Her solo performance was completely convincing: “You will be ‘Germany’s next top model’!” Jeremy Scott celebrated her. But there was still time to rush about Maribel: “I got her out of bed every quarter of an hour!” Lijana told Heidi. “She said she would have delivered just as well without me!” – “Without revealing too much: Without you today she didn’t perform very well!” Replied the model mom. It went down like oil.

And of course Lijana rubbed it hot under the nose of her competitor. She wanted to apologize. But not with Lijana: “That’s what I really don’t like. She then backs away, says she never said that … Yes, then you can never learn from your mistakes!” Heidi finally got one on the lid. But Maribel made it back to the next round. For Bianca, who could not convince with the shoot and the walk, however, was the end. Then tears flowed: “Everything burst like a soap bubble!”


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