Grup Met adapts its textile logistics to PCR distribution

Grup Met adapts its textile logistics to PCR distribution

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The Catalan operator, the official supplier of APEC, distributes 20 million detection kits to 30 countries.

Given the frauds and scams that are taking place in the supply of coronavirus detection tests, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) forum has hired the Catalan company Grup Met (trademark of Metransit Group) to be the official supplier of the kits, not only for the 21 countries of the alliance, but also for other markets. In this way, the certification and traceability of these coronavirus detectors is guaranteed, as well as their urgent shipment, thanks to the 116 delegations that Grup Met has around the world and to the MondeB2B international trade platform. Since the start of the pandemic, the Catalan firm has sent 20 million tests to more than thirty countries around the world, not including Spain.

Grup Met president, Francesc Maristany, explains that his company only distributes detection kits, which is what those who can diagnose the presence of Covid-19 with 95% reliability are called. They are made in South Korea and Singapore and their price is around $ 30 per test. In Europe, it has sent PCR to Germany, France, Italy and Portugal; It has also sent them to other countries such as the United States, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia.

According to Maristany, Spain does not appear in the list of destinations. He claims that two weeks ago he contacted the vendors with the Ministry of Health, but he is not aware that any order has been placed. Explains that in Spain they are buying other types of kits, known as presumptive and made in China. Its price is much lower, between 5 and 7 dollars, and the reliability of the result, 35%, so, once they are positive, it is mandatory to do the other test.

From the company they insist that “Spain has bought the presumption tests, when what is urgently needed is to have the detection tests” and they assure that “all the collaborators are recommended from minute one to buy the PCR tests”.

Maristany founded Grup Met twenty years ago. The company is specialized in fashion logistics, has 116 delegations worldwide, employs 1,500 people and last year billed 1 billion euros. For the company, the distribution of PCR tests will be a punctual business and Maristany assures that MondeB2B will only be charged for the logistical work carried out, “in no case will we take a margin on the products.”



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