Hands, penalties … New formalized rules of the game

Hands, penalties ... New formalized rules of the game

The IFAB, an organization that manages the laws of the game of football, formalized a series of new rules on Thursday. These must come into force on June 1 even if the coronavirus crisis will allow the authorities to adapt.

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IFAB formalized some adjustments

During the coronavirus crisis and containment, the rules of the game changed a bit. The IFAB, the body in charge of football laws, has indeed formalized a series of adjustments on Thursday for the 2020-2021 season. These are to take effect on June 1. But the stopping of competitions and their resumption for the 2019-2020 season, probably beyond this date will allow the authorities to adapt.

“Given the current suspension of football in the world, if a suspended competition restarts, it has the possibility of continuing to use the Laws of the Game 2019/20, even if the restart takes place after June 1, 2020”, explains l ‘IFAB on its site.

What are these new rules? These are those discussed on February 29 at its annual conference which mainly concern laws 10 on penalties and 12 on hands.

A penalty will no longer necessarily be withdrawn in the event of a goalkeeper’s error

Thus, a hand fault will be considered as such if the ball touches the part under the armpit. “If a player accidentally touches the ball with his hand, this will only be considered an offense if the game ends with a clear goal or opportunity. If the game continues and there are several hits, the hand will not be considered a fault. Often, this obeys subjective questions and in which the force used is in question. “

Another topic was discussed, that of goalkeeper placement on penalties. Thus, if a goalkeeper breaks the rules (foot in front of his goal line) at the time of the shooting but the ball is not framed or hits an amount, the penalty will not be withdrawn unless the infraction has clearly influenced the shooter. If the goalkeeper is sanctioned, he will be notified for the first time of his infraction and will be sanctioned with a yellow card only in the event of a repeat offense.


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