Harry and Meghan veto four British newspapers

Harry and Meghan veto four British newspapers

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Harry and Meghan have wanted to start their new life in Los Angeles by giving a clear and forceful message.

And it is that the relationship with the press of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle has been very complicated even before their engagement was announced and their departure from the hard core of the British monarchy has not managed to alleviate those tensions.

The couple has announced their intention to cut off all contact with four English newspapers –The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Daily Express– Looking ahead, which in practice will mean that neither they nor their communication team will respond to your requests to corroborate information about their personal life or social work and will avoid any interaction with these publications and their supplements.

The Dukes of Sussex have informed the aforementioned newspapers of this decision in a letter sent to their editors this Sunday.

In that letter, which has been quickly leaked to social networks, they insist that their intention is not to silence any type of criticism against him or to censor media coverage of his new reality far from the bosom of the royal family:

“The media have the right to report on and form an opinion about the Dukes of Sussex, whether good or bad, but none of that can be based on a lie.”

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The reasons that have pushed them to choose this course of action are summarized in the aforementioned letter, and are based on their desire not to continue supporting a “business model” that is based, in their opinion, on the publication of false stories. that they would entail a serious human cost without anyone taking responsibility for said consequences.

“When power is enjoyed without any responsibility, the trust that we have all placed in a much-needed industry is weakened,” they lamented.

Elizabeth II’s grandson has been very critical of the press for the cruel treatment and harassment to which his wife has been subjected during her pregnancy and last year both took legal action against two British tabloids for publishing a private letter written by Meghan to his father Thomas Markle in which he asked him to stop granting exclusives if he really wished that one day they could resume contact.




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