“Have to think about the future”


Lando Norris recognizes the meaning behind the measures decided by McLaren

McLaren has always led the way in the corona crisis. After the voluntary withdrawal in Australia, they were also the first team to send their work temporarily on vacation. In addition, the drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris as well as the management team around Andreas Seidl and Zak Brown also accepted a cut in salaries.

“It is such a big company that you have to think about its future,” Lando Norris told Motorsport-Total.com the background. “What’s the best thing for everyone, whether they’re men or women who work at McLaren? That includes me and Carlos, of course.”

The team had to make sure that after the crisis ended everything could go on as normal as possible and everyone would keep their job. “And that counts for the 700, 800 people in the racing department and also for the thousands in the McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive,” said Norris.

He wants to enjoy the time out as much as possible and keeps in touch with his team during the current phase. “We have to make sure that we still think about the important things in Formula 1. It’s not just about sim racing, but you also have to do the important things,” said the Briton.

Norris is currently busy 90 percent of the day – with sim racing, training and fitness exercises. “For the rest, I think about when we can go racing again and what we need to be ready for everything.”