Here is the trick to dry hair without damaging it with heat

Here is the trick to dry hair without damaging it with heat

The hair dryer, enemy of our hair? Not if you know how to use heat properly. The accessory becomes a real ally to enhance our hairstyles. Explanations.

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The trick to using a hair dryer will damage the hair.

An essential accessory for some, a tool criticized for others, the hair dryer divides. We know that heat damages hair and that it is better to keep it away to avoid attacking it. However, let the hair dry in the open air is also not a good option. Indeed, when wet, the hair fiber is saturated with liquid because it can absorb thirty percent of its own weight in water. Allow the moisture to evaporate naturally, give the hair to undergo significant pressure even when he is very vulnerable. It is also for this reason that rubbing wet hair with a towel promotes breakage. ” Don’t let your hair air dry … Thinking it’s good for hair is a huge myth »Confirms celebrity hairdresser Adam Reed, GHD ambassador, whose remarks are relayed by Cosmopolitan UK.

The hair dryer tip

The hair dryer is not an enemy, as long as you know how to use it. Before any use, it is advisable to apply a heat protection product on the lengths. Then we follow the expert advice of the expert not to “boil the hair”. He recommends starting the drying with cold air, by adjusting the heat of the hair dryer to the lowest level: ” As the hair dries, the temperature can be increased as the humidity decreases ” ” When you start to feel your hair is heating up, it’s a sign that you can use hot air to define the hairstyle using a higher temperature level. ” Other tips are added to that to enhance our hairstyle during a brushing. Richard Ward, hairdresser to Kate Middleton for ten years, says that you should avoid shaking the hairdryer above the hair. It is the insurance of frizz and unruly wicks. He points out the importance of putting a tip on the hair dryer and adopting a controlled and regular movement, starting from the root to the tips, so as to tame the hair. Finally, brushing is carried out, according to his expertise, on dry hair at 80%.

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