Higuain’s father denies any desire to leave

Higuain's father denies any desire to leave

Despite rumors surrounding his son, Gonzalo Higuain’s father has assured that “Pipita” will not leave Juventus until the end of his contract in June 2021.

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Gonzalo Higuain

In recent weeks, Gonzalo Higuain has been the subject of numerous rumors. On the one hand, the Italian press has indicated that the Juventus striker, currently at her mother’s bedside in Argentina, didn’t particularly want to come back to Turin due to the health context. Sky assured that the 32-year-old, concerned about the crisis, feared to return to the European epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic.

On the other, the Argentinian press has spoken of a possible return of the scorer to River Plate, precisely to be closer to his family, and even mentioned a breach of contract with the Old Lady to facilitate the matter. But according to Higuain father, everything is wrong. And Gonzalo is going to play well for Juve one more season.

“Gonzalo will stay at Juventus because he still has a one-year contract and will respect it”

“Nothing that has been said lately is true,” said Jorge Higuain on air. LM Neuquen. Gonzalo will stay at Juventus because he still has a one-year contract and will respect it. “

As for the rest of his career, nothing would be decided. “He will wait for the expiration of the contract and will make a decision at that time for his future, continued the father. Gonzalo never thought of an early farewell because he loves Juventus and feels loved by the fans. He will remain So in Turin until June next year. Right now, he has nothing else in mind. ” But the transfer window has not yet started …


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