his warning to the French on deconfinement

his warning to the French on deconfinement

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VIDEO Christophe Castaner: his warning to the French on deconfinement

Christophe Castaner was the guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin this Thursday, April 23, live on BFMTV. While he was questioned on the deconfinement plan that will be implemented in France, the Minister of the Interior wished to warn the French about after May 11.

On April 13, Emmanuel Macron addressed the French for the fourth time to take stock of the coronavirus epidemic – which is spreading all over the world. Confined for a month, citizens were starting to glimpse the end of the tunnel thanks to the announcement of a date: that of May 11.Monday May 11 will only be possible if we continue to be civic and responsible, to respect the rules, and that if the spread of the virus has actually continued to slow “, However, wanted to clarify the President of the Republic, indicating in passing that nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools were to gradually reopen from this date. Public places such as restaurants, bars, museums, performance halls would remain closed, for an indefinite period.

By making it accessible again some schools, Emmanuel Macron has started a hope of being unconfined in the coming weeks. The subject was also discussed less than a week later by Edouard Philippe, during his press conference. If he did not want to communicate the first lines of the plan, the Prime Minister clarified: our life from May 11 will not be exactly the life before confinement. Not immediately, and probably not for a long time. ” Firstly, the French will “Learn to live with the virus” and respect barrier gestures more than ever.

Christophe Castaner talks about after May 11

This warning was repeated by Christophe Castaner this Thursday, April 23. Invited by Jean-Jacques Bourdin in the morning of RMC and BFMTV, the Minister of the Interior confirmed that a decontainment plan was well under study for May 11 while calling on the French to show intelligence. “That doesn’t mean that on May 12, everyone does what they please. Because we know that we will not be out of this crisis, which we must fight today. A fight to prepare for the deconfinement stage, a fight to continue the fight against the virus “, he explained, adding that the first details of this deconfinement plan should be delivered by Edouard Philippe around the weekend of May 1st. “It will not be a question of saying exactly everything that needs to be done, everywhere”, he added. Still a little patience…