how he became the athlete with the most money in history

how he became the athlete with the most money in history

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Michael Jordan in a Chevrolet advertisement

“After the first training session, my assistant called me to congratulate me and I asked him why: ‘You weren’t wrong in the draft, this boy is really very good,’ he said.” The then-general manager Rod Thorn, director responsible for the election of Michael Jordan in the position No. 3 in 1984, tells in the series The Last Dance what was the hope they had after being penalized for nine seasons, with just two positive records and income to playoffs. Sure, they thought he would be a very good player, even different, that would help them change that bad reality in Chicago, but they never imagined such a revolution, impact and change in the reality of the franchise, the NBA and world sport.

The Bulls were the least popular team in town. The NFL Bears were the hottest, the MLB Cubs and White Sox were dealt out to baseball fans, and the ice hockey Blackhawks had theirs. Even the Sting, a futsal outfit, attracted more people than the Bulls. In the season prior to the arrival of the 23rd (83/84), the team lost 55 of the 82 matches and finished 21st (of 23) in call, with just 3,100 people per match. Already with MJ, the victories went from 27 to 38, the team returned to the playoffs after four years and the capacity doubled (6000 to be 9th out of 23).

The MJ effect was beginning to show. But, of course, in a short time it would be a fever. For 87/88, the Bulls were among the best teams in the East and the most convincing (2nd in NBA with an average of 9,000 attendees). MJ not only pushed his franchise. Generated a new NBA boom, taking the post of popularity that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird had left. MJ invited you to fly, from his commercials. And then he did it on the court, either in matches electrified by his spectacularity or in the mythical triumphs in the remembered dump tournaments (87 and 88).

Michael was the complete package. Power and, at the same time, elegance. Speed ​​but also cadence. Efficacy with aesthetics. Power and magic. Devastating offense and also a great defense (in 1988 he was the Best Defender and the scorer of the tournament). So, with that combo, he started to cross the screen. He didn’t win titles, but he was on the doorstep, with historic performances, like that of the 63 points at Boston Garden when Larry Bird said he was “God dressed as Jordan.” MJ outshone and also generated drama. The Detroit Bad Boys made him a special defense, which included toughness and even punches, and they didn’t let him reach his goal. Until he did. He passed that barrier and was champion, against the Magic Lakers. Nothing less. And there his voracity appeared. Two more rings arrived, just as the NBA, increasingly popular in the USA, was definitively opening up to the world. His retirement and pursuit of the new dream, playing in the major leagues of baseball, gave an even greater epic to his return in 1995. They eliminated him, said he was not the same and he prepared himself even more. In 96, with another great team, he regained the throne and repeated in 97 and 98. He never lost a final and dominated an era.