How Sodexo protects its 100,000 frontline employees against coronavirus

How Sodexo protects its 100,000 frontline employees against coronavirus

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Sodexo has no less than 500,000 employees in 70 countries, the 19th largest employer in the world. With the closure of a large number of companies due to the coronavirus epidemic, its catering and cleaning activity has almost come to a halt. Almost because many of these employees are still at the front, especially in hospitals.

“In France, we have about 50% of our workforce who is partially unemployed,” said Monday on BFM Business, Denis Machuel, CEO of Sodexo. “We have a very contrasted situation. We live in a situation in which we have 100,000 of our employees who are on the front line, engaged in sectors which are under high tension: hospitals, residences for the elderly, the prison world and some companies that are also very much involved in the war economy we live in. “

“Protecting our employees is our obsession”

“Our employees are on the front line because they provide essential services such as patient and medical nutrition, cleaning-disinfection of rooms in hospitals. (…) And I would like to thank all of these employees who are at the front, “said the manager.

How to protect these employees? On the one hand, the group reassigns employees from under-active sectors to these sectors in tension in order to increase the workforce. On the other hand, “protecting our employees is our obsession,” insists Denis Machuel.

“We have implemented very strong health protection measures. Of course with protective equipment, masks, disposable gowns, gloves, etc. But also the strengthening of all our standards, especially on cleaning services and disinfection. (…) Disinfection in sensitive environments is critical. And it will be in these moments of recovery. (…) It will be critical this ability to operate in environments that are healthy. And then obviously , the adaptation of all our catering services. (…) There is a change in the way we deliver our services but I can only thank and applaud our employees. ”


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