How to create GPS alarms on your mobile to notify you that you have walked 1 kilometer

How to create GPS alarms on your mobile to notify you that you have walked 1 kilometer


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Since yesterday, minors from 0 to 13 years old can enjoy a daily walk of 1 hour each day, accompanied by an adult. In theory, the maximum number of children an adult can go out with is 3, both parents cannot go out together, you cannot go to the parks, and children cannot play with their friends.

This is specified in the order of the Ministry of Health that regulates this measure, although yesterday many parents passed it through the lining basically, which could cause a second intensive confinement.

Walk 1km away with confinement

But perhaps the strictest rule is that you cannot go more than 1 square kilometer from your home. Therefore, after that distance the father will be violating the measures of the state of alarm. And it is that 1 square kilometer seems a lot of distance, although in practice it can be difficult to measure space.

For this reason, how about asking your mobile to warn you when you are going to overcome this distance while taking the walk? We are going to program a GPS alarm on the smartphone, and we are going to do it with these apps:

Wake up at your stop and Wake me there

These apps use your GPS location in real time to notify you when you arrive at your destination. Their trick is that they both work with the Google Maps Maps API. And by selecting an address, they allow choose a certain perimeter where you can choose an exact kilometer. In itself it is about programming the alarm as if you were going to wake up, putting the distance instead of the time.

As you move the target pin across the map, a Km counter shows you the distance at all times. Mark one that is 1km from your house, program the alarm and the mobile will notify you when you arrive. Of course, since they use the GPS of the mobile, both applications will ask you when installing permissions to access the GPS and the location of the terminal.

And both will increase the terminal’s battery consumption by pulling the GPS in the background. The applications are available for free:

Download Wake up at your Stop for Android

Download Wake me There for Android

Download Wake me Here for iOS


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