How to do your manicure well at home

How to do your manicure well at home

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  • Not only hydrate them, which is essential. Doing your hands and putting your nails on will have a positive effect on your self-esteem.
  • Be careful when filing them. We explain how it is done.

Carlota Martinez, in charge of Deborah Lippmann in Spain tells us the steps we have to follow to do a professional manicure at home:

Put your hands in a bowl of water

“If we do not have cuticle remover to soften the cuticles we can immerse them in water to soften them, but be careful, if you are going to cut with the pliers think that the water swells the skin and you can cut more than necessary”, says the expert. “The best thing is to push with an orange stick and cut just enough”, Add. Psst. Another option to hydrate and soften the cuticle is to use a specific product, such as The Cure (€ 22), by Deborah Lippmann, which hydrates without swelling the cuticle.

Which nail polish remover is better

It is best to use one that hydrates the nails since, as Martinez explains, “Most contain a high index of acetone, which in addition to being harmful, greatly dries out the surface layer of the nail and cuticles”. Psst. The Stripper (€ 15), by Deborah Lippmann, is a moisturizing enamel remover, which also contains lavender that hydrates and conditions, and lavender essential oil that provides, in addition to a good smell, a calming effect.

How to file your nails so they don’t break

“It is important to use a hard file, the typical soft red file of a lifetime tends to weather nails and therefore the file is not uniform and causes them to open”, says the expert. Psst. An example of which you can use is Deborah Lippmann’s Eco File file (€ 5) made from recycled paper.

Remove the cuticle or not?

“I am not in favor of removing the cuticle, and if it is the case because there is a lot, before it is important to soften it with a specific product so that I can push as much as possible and really see what is left over”Carlota says. “If we are going to do it at home, it is important in the case of cutting, knowing how to do it well, since otherwise the manicure will not look pretty”, aim. And the pellejitos? How to remove them without hurting ourselves? “It is important that the cuticle cutter is sharp and that it cuts, it is not worth throwing, if we pull we can hurt ourselves”Martinez explains. Psst. We like Cuticule Care (7.55), Sephoras cuticle treatment.

Always use base

Is it mandatory to base it? As Martinez says, the base fulfills several functions: “Take care, treat and protect the nail and prevent the pigment of the enamel from staining the nail”. Psst. There are special bases to improve soft nails and even quick-drying bases for those with little patience, such as Fast Girl (€ 24) by Deborah Lippmann. If you need extra hydration, we like the Hand Made Beauty Aloe Vera Moisturizing Foundation (€ 14).

How to paint your nails well

First, as the expert says, the enamel has to be in good condition. Then, it is important that the first layer is thin, and you will start by painting in the center of the nail and then on the sides. Once we have made the first layer, the second can be a little thicker ”, Explain.

Psst. Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro enamels will give you a professional finish and they are also completely toxic-free but high-quality vegan products.

Should I use gloss or blotter?

“Today top coats already contain shine”Carlota says. In other words, they are 2-in-1 products. What are top coats? They are the last layer, which seals, dries and adds shine. Psst. A highly recommended gloss so as not to waste three hours waiting for your enamel to dry Addict To Speed ​​(€ 24), by Deborah LIppmann, which also leaves a shine that lasts until the end. Another foolproof classic is Essie’s drying shine (€ 12.95).

Lots of hydration

When the nails have dried, hydrate your hands by giving yourself a self-massage and put a little oil around the nails, insisting on the area where most little skins tend to come out. Psst. We like the Calendula Cuticle Oil from Mia Cosmetics (€ 9.95).

Best non-toxic products

“Taking into account that the nail is very porous, I recommend free and toxic-free products as possible, since everything we put is absorbed and goes to the lymphatic vessels of the body, which may cause health problems in the future”Carlota says.

Tricks for beginners

“If you are one of those who stains when enameling, once you have done the whole process and while you wait for the top to dry, you can wrap the pointed part of an orange tree stick with a thin layer of cotton and wet it with the nail polish remover, in order to remove the stained parts without touching the nail ”says Deborah Lippmann’s expert. “Another trick is to put moisturizer around the nail because this way it is easier to remove the enamel that has stained us”.


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