Hurricane recognizes debts with campus and employees and ensures that it will pay the back wages

Hurricane recognizes debts with campus and employees and ensures that it will pay the back wages

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The Hurricane leadership responded this Thursday to the claim initiated by the professional establishment, with an official statement in which it recognizes the debts and the delay in the payment of wages and assumes the commitment to comply with the agreement.

After what was exposed on Wednesday by the footballers in a joint letter with Argentinian Footballers (FAA), the Board of Directors of the institution of Parque de los Patricios admitted the financial difficulties the club is going through amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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First, the leadership “took responsibility for the delay” in the payment of salaries of the club’s employees and of the professional staff that Israel Damonte leads and “regretted” not being able to “fulfill” their “obligations”.

“We are transiting an extremely particular context of social, economic and financial uncertainty, but that in no way implies that Hurricane will stop assuming the commitments to which it is a part,” clarifies the text published on the official site.

As explained by the leadership led by Alejandro Nadur, the club was affected by the closure of all its activities and detailed that the latest income was “insignificant”.

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As for the debts, it is detailed that “a high percentage” of the salaries of the employees and the “last pending salary” of the women’s soccer team were canceled.

With respect to the professional team, which on Wednesday reported irregularities in payments in a joint statement with Members, Huracán explained that he used the funds available to pay the full salaries to soccer players with “first contract”, that is, youth players, and those who they do not receive more than “one hundred thousand pesos”.

The rest, meanwhile, were paid a fixed amount “as an advance on assets.”

The club expects to receive in the next few hours the money that will rotate AFA from Conmebol and with this they will continue “updating the salary payments”.

“Our commitment is total and all our efforts are focused on guaranteeing the right to job stability and that everyone can enjoy their salary in a timely manner,” the statement concluded.

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