” I am not an idol, but I don’t just dance ”

'' I am not an idol, but I don't just dance ''


The ‘controversy’ between Jose Luis Higuera Y Rodolfo Pizarro It does not end, because although it seemed that both had ‘made peace’, the footballer sent a forceful message to the businessman after the discussion they had a few days ago about whether or not he was an idol of the Flock.

It all started after the former director of Chivas change your profile picture in Twitter, in which he appeared facing Pizarro, the latter personified as ‘The Joker’.

“Excellent choice man,” was what element of the Inter Miami He replied to the now ESPN analyst, who took the opportunity to dedicate a few words to Tamaulipas.

Profile picture of José Luis Higuera

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Profile picture of Jose Luis Higuera

“Thank you. Outside of the show, you know the appreciation and affection that I took from the first day of your arrival in Chivas (I remember that the signing of your contract was a special moment, I hope you remember) I always keep the best of moments and people. I hope you fulfill your dreams, “he replied Fig tree.

Hours later, Blackboard replied the businessman’s tweet in which he highlighted the things he did in Chivas and in passing he said “I’m not an idol, but I don’t just dance either; I work to be a champion and to win. I wish you well.”


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