“I am the current jungle queen” – this statement is irritating


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Daniela Buchner: “I am the current jungle queen” – this statement is irritating

Reality star Daniela Buchner (42) has often had a difficult time lately. After a lot of criticism while participating in the “Jungle Camp”, the “Goodbye Germany” star has been back with her family in Mallorca for some time now. The widow of Jens Buchner († 49) was not necessarily the darling of the audience in the jungle camp, but at least made it to the finals. In addition to the DSDS winner Prince Damien (29) and ex-boxer Sven Ottke (52), the reality TV star has fought its way through – the youngest of the round finally won.

Who was jungle king again …?

Now it almost seems as if Daniela Buchner’s memory has suffered a bit in this regard – the latest video message from the 42-year-old irritates the fans. No wonder, because she speaks of herself as a jungle queen!

But from the beginning: Daniela actually only wanted to earn a little money on the side. The triple mother recently asked for understanding that she placed advertising on Instagram because without her deceased husband, money was scarce.

So now Jens Buchner’s widow logs in via video with the offer of a personal greeting message against payment, as other celebrities have already done. So far so good. However, the wording makes one sit up and take notice: “Some of you may know me from Goodbye Germany or from the Jungle Camp 2020. I am the current Queen of the Jungle,” says Daniela, smiling at the camera. Well, did she forget that she didn’t win the show?

The corona crisis hits Daniela Buchner

But income is not the only thing that worries you. The “Goodbye Germany” star is also hit hard by the corona crisis. Although Dani herself has not yet contracted the virus, the circumstances also limit the 42-year-old. On Instagram, she shared a picture with the twins Jenna Soraya and Diego Armani (3). They smile at the camera, but the caption sounds less positive: “One of the few ‘harmonious’ moments today. The moods reached zero on day twelve. Does anyone have game ideas for teenagers and toddlers?” By day twelve, she means the self-imposed corona quarantine. You can actually get bored quickly.

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