“I didn’t know Bayern from that angle …”


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Big blow of mouth.

As his contract expires in 2021, discussions on a possible extension of Manuel Neuer at Bayern Munich seem long and laborious.

Thus, the German doorman did not hesitate to confide what he had on his heart in a long interview given to Bild. The 2014 world champion does not understand all the leaks that appear in the press: “I am somewhat irritated. I’ve been at Bayern for nine years and until now, never has anyone been out of the club. There, more and more details appear in the media on the exchanges between club officials and my agent who, in addition, do not always correspond to reality. “

The 34-year-old German international goes even further: he blames Bayern for a lack of sincerity, which is slow to extend him, he who has not already appreciated the arrival of Alexander Nubel: “I did not know Bayern from this angle. In my view, it has always been essential that our discussions be full of sincerity, based on mutual trust full of loyalty. If certain targeted aspects start to come out in the press, this is something that affects my image and can cause damage. I realize that a new five-year contract like it’s been peddling for some time would be unrealistic, and at my age, I don’t know if I will still be competitive enough at 39. “

Without filter, Neuer conditions his extension to that of his coach, author of good results with the Bavarian club: “What I want is just an agreement that would work for everyone, and to get there, leaders will also have to accept certain conditions. I’m making no secret of the fact that Hans-Dieter Flick’s contract extension is also an important signal to me, knowing that he has helped Bayern find their football with excellent results by adding the way. “

We don’t laugh with the Neuer.


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