“I didn’t want to become the new Paulina Rubio”


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When you decided to get together with Jaime Anglada to sing, many did not give a penny for it. The musical duo already have two albums on the market and their career promises. Carolina Cerezuela and Anglada have become best friends and it shows in the chemistry between them when they are on stage. Of course, who really occupies the heart of Carolina Cerezuela is her husband, Carlos Moyá, with whom she has three children: Carlos, Carla and Daniela. We chatted with her about how the quarantine is living, how Jaime and Anglada get along and their beginnings in the world of music. In addition, Carolina talks about the expected return of ‘Camera Café’ in film form.

Carolina Cerezuela

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Carolina Cerezuela

How do you carry the confinement at home?

Well, with a very intense coexistence. Instead of weighing me down, it’s being a gift. We were used to tremendous working speed and I think we have found the time for ourselves.

Do you miss sharing the stage with Jaime Anglada?

Yes, and the adrenaline of the concerts. And the moments of rehearsals with Jaime, where there is a lot of creativity. I need music to live.

So music came into your life to stay …

Yes, for my psychological health. Music is an escape valve for everyone. For example, when we are sad, we put on sadder songs to sink deeper into grief.

When will there be a third album?

We were going to go into the studio to record a new song, but we had to delay it. We are clear that we want to resume it.

When you started in music, did you think you were going to surprise so many people?

The truth is, no. But I have played with advantage: the expectations were so low and the prejudices so high, that I only had to do it fairly well. The criticism has always been good and we have earned it hard and fast with the live shows, where you earn the credibility of the people.

Carolina Cerezuela

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Carolina Cerezuela

Did you have the support of everyone?

Of many yes, but other people in the world felt indifference. But my close friends are not from the profession, except for Jaime. I think there are false egos, of those who say: “I am glad that you are doing well, but be careful that you do better than me.” We all have a place in the world not to step on anyone.

You and Jaime met at an airport. If he had not appeared, would you never have dared to sing?

Never! Iguana Tango offered me to record a song because I had made a video with them, but I did not want to become the new Paulina Rubio. If he made the move to music, it had to be on certain conditions. And Jaime comes to me made to measure because his music is what I like. I did not want to make pop music.

Who do you argue more with, Jaime or Carlos?

Without a doubt, with Jaime.

In these two relationships, the professional and the sentimental, who wears the pants?

Of course in both of me. With Jaime I am more bossy, because he is more flexible, but Carlos makes me decide what he wants. He knows me to make trouble for me.

Could it be said that Jaime is your best friend?

Before being my coworker, he is my best friend. And if the day comes when we stop working together, I would have to invent something to argue with him every day.

Do you tell more secrets to him than to Carlos?

The same, yes. There are issues that I do not tell Carlos so as not to worry him.

Carolina Cerezuela

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Carolina Cerezuela

They are friends?

Sure. We met at the same time. Carlos undoubtedly shares much more time with me …

You have already turned 40, what do you do to be so beautiful?

I am very lazy. I have never put on Botox, because they give me needles. But I put all the samples of cream they give me.

Do you long for acting?

No. I can afford to turn down certain jobs on television to spend more time with my family. Now the kids are more independent and I have more flexibility, but I couldn’t spend that much time away from home.

How is the project going to make the ‘Camera Café’ movie?

What started as a rumor is going to come true. The script is ready and, when it is possible and the situation returns to normal, it will be shot. I am very excited because we are going to be all the actors of the series (at the beginning of the quarantine, the cast triumphed with an ‘revival’ in the online version), which was broadcast for four years on Telecinco.

And, as always, the million dollar question for the end, will you have more children?

Well, I used to say that I wouldn’t mind, but I am increasingly afraid.

A duo with a lot of chemistry

Carolina Cerezuela and Jaime Anglada

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Carolina Cerezuela and Jaime Anglada

After leading a half-life dedicated to acting, Carolina Cerezuela launched into music with Jaime Anglada. The Anglada Cerezuela duo have two albums on the market, ‘Caramel Apple’ and ’Behind the Heart’. Until confinement they were working on a third party. “Expectations were so low and biases so high, I just had to do it fairly well,” she explains of her success.

His family, his best treasure

Carolina Cerezuela with Carlos Moyá and their three children

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Carolina Cerezuela with Carlos Moyá and their three children

Carolina Cerezuela has been married to Mallorcan tennis player Carlos Moyá since 2011. The couple has three children: Carla, Carlos and Daniela, aged nine, seven and six. He is now the head coach his partner and friend Rafa Nadal.


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