IAG oxygenates funds with 13% increases after Buffett’s ‘sit-in’ to airlines

IAG oxygenates funds with 13% increases after Buffett's 'sit-in' to airlines

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After what Warren buffett Give your ‘corner’ to US airlines this weekend, IAG investors had a lucky break Monday. The British-Spanish airline has shot up 13.33% on the Ibex 35, the most bullish value in a session full of optimism about the progress among the oil powers. According to the latest records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), while Kenneth Griffin, Capital Group and the British firm Lasdowne hold on to a total of 12% of IAG to get out of handicaps, Morgan Stanley He was in and out last week with his 5%.Airlines are at the center of the economic storm unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic. With much of the global air fleet on the ground due to the quarantine blow, the market flies over the idea of ​​possible bankruptcies, bailouts and consequences in the sector. Such is the situation, that even Warren Buffett has had to rectify: the Omaha Oracle said at the end of March that it was not going to sell airline shares – one of its most ‘contrary’ bets since before the coronavirus – and in fact it made with 976,000 shares of Delta Airlines on March 27. After buying them at a price of $ 46 a share, SEC records revealed that the “value” guru had sold about 18% of his stake in Delta, plus another 4% of his stake in Delta. southwest Airlines. About $ 388 million in airline stock.

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Carla RaffinAlthough we have changed the date, the problems of yesteryear continue to fly over investors: the rhythm of the economy, the trade war, political instability, Brexit …

IAG investors have also been suffering in the past month. Having temporarily cleared the Brexit headaches (at the beginning of the year it was one of the favorite values ​​of analysts in Spain), the coronavirus has made IAG the worst value of the year this 2020: at the end of this Monday, the airline plummets 64.68%. Before the collapses were triggered from February 24, IAG accumulated a 17% rise, from the most bullish values ​​of the selective.

After the coronavirus falls, IAG is trading at a low of 2013 … year in which many of its oldest funds entered the capital. On the one hand, there is the British firm Lansdwone Partners which, through its two funds, the International and the Developed Markets Master Fund, has been invested in IAG since 2013. According to CNMV records at the end of Monday, the manager has been maintaining a strategy of slow increases in participation during the Covid crisis and has a 7% IAG.


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Another IAG record is Capital Group, which at the beginning of the year still had 10%. During the crisis in March, they have been selling shares, reaching 2.86%. Capital Group has been with IAG since 2013, at which time IAG was also trading at around € 2 per share.

Meanwhile, the group’s largest shareholder, Qatar Airways, remains immobile in the 25% that it reached on March 18, after buying around 4%.

Another investment guru (although in a different style than Buffett), Kenneth Griffin, has also opted for the sector and, according to CNMV records at the end of Monday, is still present at IAG. His fund Citadel Multi-Strategy Equities Master Fund (old acquaintance of the Ibex 35, but as a bearish), had already been at the IAG since April 2019, but it was during the coronavirus pandemic that his name flourished in the records by overcoming with purchases of 3% during the collapses in late March.

The one that has been a new face at IAG has been Morgan Stanley, which supported its first participation on March 26 by taking 5% of the airline. He sold it whole on March 30, after seeing the stock drop 9%. On March 31, however, he bought another 5% again, as recorded by the CNMV on Monday.

The CNMV’s records are not automatically published when the shareholders carry out operations in the capital of a listed company, so they are delayed.


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