in full live, the singer confides his regrets about his mother he has not seen for a long time

in full live, the singer confides his regrets about his mother he has not seen for a long time

Patrick Bruel: in full live, the singer confesses his regrets concerning his mother whom he has not seen for a long time

Containment is a way of questioning for many. As part of a live on Instagram this Thursday, April 23, Patrick Bruel let himself be confided. He talked about what he would like to do once he can get out of his house again. And the answer concerns her mother …

The current health crisis will have upset the lives of many people. While some fully enjoy confinement, others experience this situation much worse. Reason why some personalities like entertain their community thanks to totally innovative concepts. For a few weeks, Internet users have been able to find free live concerts, sports lesson and of live cooking, or new programs fully adapted to digital platforms. Patrick Bruel is one of the stars to have perfectly adapted to the vagaries of the Covid-19. This is how he has offered, since the end of March, lives mixing music and discussions with fans. This Thursday, April 23, the singer has let go some secrets about post-containment.

Patrick Bruel missing his mother

Patrick Bruel takes advantage of this period of confinement to questioning one’s life. “During this period, many of you, like me, were afraid not to see certain people again and there you said to yourself: Maybe I couldn’t say it because I was taken aback. ‘“said the interpreter of Break the voice before continuing: “The first thing I’m going to do when I get out of containment is that I’m going to take mom in my arms. My mom is all alone confined. We impose this on him because this is the way to protect it the most“The sixty year old has not seen his mother since the start of confinement, he misses her, and that is understandable!