Information verifiers cannot censor messages that are sent through WhatsApp

Information verifiers cannot censor messages that are sent through WhatsApp

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MADRID, 13 (Portaltic / EP) WhatsApp has a page with resources dedicated to the Covid-19 pandemic in order to prevent the dissemination of disinformation among users of the platform, which includes, among other options, the list of verifiers that, externally, explain with verified information the hoaxes.

MADRID, 13 (Portaltic / EP)

Maldita and Newtral appear on the WhatsApp list as the external verifiers with which the US company in Spain works so that any user can make inquiries about viral messages related to the new coronavirus.

These are media specialized in contrasting information and unmasking hoaxes, whose role has been questioned in recent hours, as it was understood that they could censor viral content from the messaging ‘app’.

Concern about this possible censorship follows WhatsApp’s own decision to restrict the forwarding of certain viral content to prevent the spread of disinformation. Specifically, and as the service explained, these are messages marked with a ‘double arrow’, which indicates that they have previously been sent from one user to another more than five times.

In the event that a user wants to forward one of these messages “forwarded many times”, they should know that for a few days there has been a “limit on the application so that these messages can only be forwarded to one chat at a time”. It should be reiterated that this is a limit established by the courier service.

Furthermore, the verifiers cannot access the content of the conversations. This is because WhatsApp implemented end-to-end encryption in all conversations, regardless of the number of people participating in them.

It is a type of encryption that encodes the content of the conversation and prevents third parties (who are not part of that chat) from accessing it. Or what is the same, prevents people outside the conversation from spying on it.


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