Is confinement like in Wuhan, the cradle of the epidemic, possible with us?

Is confinement like in Wuhan, the cradle of the epidemic, possible with us?

The coronavirus in Belgium is stagnating and the fight is far from won. Several experts warn citizens. If the containment measures are not strictly observed, they will not only continue, or even harden.

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Containment measures, some people are starting to make fun of it, according to Marc Van Ranst. The virologist warns, this is not the moment to relax his attention. “It’s always the argument we use … We have no symptoms, we don’t have the virus, we’re not going to have it”, he observes.

But no one is untouchable, recalls the virologist. For him the confinement should be more severe.

“Some people apparently sit on the distancing measures. Because of these individuals and their behavior, we could adopt a Wuhan confinement. Everyone must understand how fragile the situation is and how close we are to it. ‘a tightening of current measures “, he insists.

Is “Wuhan” confinement really possible? It would no longer be possible to go jogging, or even get out of your neighborhood. This is what strict measures like in Wuhan would mean: streets closed with systematic police checks, all public transport and trains stopped, all shops including food closed, food delivered by volunteers.

The epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme shares the opinion of his colleague on the nonchalance of certain people. “Maybe we should punish people and set a curfew because that’s the only thing that will still have an effect”, he adds.

A national security council is to be held on Wednesday to discuss these containment measures.

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