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It got hot between Aulas and Eyraud!

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The exceptional board of directors held by the LFP on Tuesday evening gave rise to tough exchanges between the two presidents of the OM and OL. French football is on the nerves. Consequence of the Prime Minister’s announcement on Tuesday of the end of the professional championship season in France. “The 2019-2020 professional sport season, especially the football season, will also not be able to resume“Said Edouard Philippe in the gallery of the National Assembly. A strong decision which provoked a crisis meeting of the League. The LFP indeed held an extraordinary board meeting in the evening. A board in which obviously took part the club presidents including Jacques-Henri Eyraud and Jean-Michel Aulas, the two bosses of the ’OL and someOM. And to believe The team, the tone rose between the two men at the time of this meeting, the Marseilles president reproaching in particular his Lyonnais counterpart to speak too much… “Jean-Michel Aulas once again quarreled with his Marseille counterpart Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the latter believing that JMA monopolized the floor too much when he was only a guest of the board of directors”, can we read. The Rhone manager, convinced that it will be possible to end the season in August, notably campaigned in favor of holding playoffs this summer to end the season.

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