“It is not true that there is a massive influx of people to the beaches”


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Gloria Calero, delegate of the Government in the Valencian Community

The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero has ensured in Today for Today Valencian Community that the vast majority of the population is being held accountable, and that there is no massive influx of people moving to the beaches. You think these people represent only one unsupportive minority and she is convinced that this flow is, above all, local.

For this reason, Calero explains that It is not convenient for municipalities to install stone blocks, fences or mounds of earth at the entrances to its beaches. The delegate does not see it as necessary, since the security forces are in charge of controlling the accesses, and ensures that if entry is difficult, it will also make it difficult to exit in case of emergencies.

Calero has pointed out that they have been accounted for some 80,000 complaints since the beginning of the confinement, although he assures that they no longer only speak of sanctions for skipping the Alarm State, but also for other types of complaints, like drug trafficking.


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