“it was never replaced” (VIDEO)


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TPMP: for Cyril Hanouna, Enora Malagre is missing from the program: “it has never been replaced” (VIDEO)

The program Touche pas a mon poste celebrated its 10th anniversary on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. For the occasion, Cyril Hanouna invited several legendary columnists from the program! Among them were Christophe Carriere, Thierry Moreau and Enora Malagre.

This Wednesday April 1, 2020, Do not touch My TV celebrated its 10 years on C8! Despite the confinement, Cyril Hanouna continues to entertain his audience by relocating his talk show to his living room. Using videoconferencing, he invited several personalities, such as Bigflo and Oli, Ahmed Sylla, Booder, Gad Elmaleh, Dadju, Élie Semoun. To mark the occasion, Cyril Hanouna has also multiplied the invitations of former columnists, or even the challenges. Benjamin Castaldi had to carry out the Ice Bucket Challenge in briefs, on his terrace.

The recruitment of Enora Malagre

Before that, Cyril Hanouna returned to the recruitment of the columnist in Do not touch My TV. He took advantage of this moment to give her several compliments: “I saw you on a show. I called the producer. And I said we absolutely had to “, he said. “She’s the one we miss on the show.” For his part, Enora Malagre split a joke on her dress of the time: “And yet at the time, I looked like Kurt Cobain with a khaki jacket.”

“The one that has never been replaced is Enora”

And a little later, during questions of truth with the regular columnists and still present on the air at that time, Gilles Verdez wanted to know which (the) columnist (s) he missed the most: “Among all the columnists who have passed, who are no longer there today, which do you think was the best?” Cyril Hanouna wasted no time in answering him. “In my opinion, I have often said it. The one who was never replaced around the table, it’s Enora Malagre. We had a lot of people. Today, I dream of a table with Enora, Isabelle, Kelly, Geraldine and Valerie “, he said at first. He also added that Enora “was outspoken”. The host has long sought a columnist with the same frankness. “It was a little Raymond who replaced Enora. Physically no, Raymond has the same outspokenness. That’s why he became essential on the show.” And if Cyril Hanouna has an idea of ​​next recruit for TPMP next season, a return of Enora seems on the other hand completely excluded, the latter having repeated several times that she would not return “never”. However, she did not totally depart from the “family” since she is a columnist in What am I involved in, the cultural program by Eric Naulleau produced by “Baba”.

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