Italian beaches redeveloped to comply with sanitary measures

Italian beaches redeveloped to comply with sanitary measures

Italian beaches redeveloped to comply with sanitary measures

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What about the beaches in Italy this summer?

What will our beaches look like this summer? The decor will be very different from the crowded beaches that we are used to seeing in Italy. In the Apulia, in Porto Cesareo, the beach attendant Fabrizio Marzano is developing his beach in order to design a beach model “anti-coronavirus” to accommodate his customers.

A redeveloped beach

After nine weeks of confinement, the owner of the bathing establishment “Bacino Grande” hopes to attract Italians dreaming of a vacation on his beach. “We Italians have a lot of imagination, there has to be a way to give people a sense of security!” he exclaims. To respect sanitary measures and reassure its customers, it provides for a spacing of one and a half meters between each deckchair, and aisles delimited by ropes placed on the ground. The catering service will be increased to serve customers directly on their mattresses to avoid queues at the bar, and avoid contact. “We can come safely to the sea, we have rules, we will be imposed, and we have imposed ourselves, and we can respect them,” said the beach attendant.

The tourism industry strongly impacted

Although he is preparing his establishment for the season, Fabrizio plans “30% fewer parasols physically on the beach this year” which will cause a great financial loss, not to mention the investments necessary to ensure the safety of customers. In addition, according to public health experts, Italians will be allowed to return to the beaches only if the current improvement in the epidemic crisis is confirmed. At the national level, Italian beach attendants predict a decrease of 45 million tourists and could record a loss of 30 million euros for the summer of 2020. As a reminder, Italy is the country most affected by the coronavirus in Europe, with 26,000 deaths officially recorded.


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