Italy’s Minister of Sport hopes to restart in early May

Italy's Minister of Sport hopes to restart in early May

Vincenzo Spadafora hopes to restart in early May

The Italian Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora hopes that sports activities in the battered country will resume from the beginning of May. “In the meantime, we hope that the coronavirus emergency is over and that we can think about the future. It is important that the sports world has the necessary resources for the restart by May,” said Spadafora, according to media reports.

The Italian government had previously decided to extend the lockdown in Italy until April 13. During this period, sports training was also prohibited due to the coronavirus pandemic, said the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. This is to prevent clubs from forcing their players to resume training. Individual training is still allowed, said Conte.

Italy is the country most affected by the corona crisis in Europe. According to the Johns Hopkins University in the United States, more than 110,000 people have been infected with the virus, and more than 13,000 have died from the disease COVID-19.

All current information and recommendations from the Ministry of Health can be found here.

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