“I’ve always been off-piste in my life”


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Jean-Luc Lahaye proud of not respecting confinement: “I’ve always been off-piste in my life”

More than 23,000 deaths since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in France. Never mind, Jean-Luc Lahaye wants to keep to the “rebel attitude”. Containment, very little for the star of the 80s. “I hate this word, ‘confined’. It’s really something for cans (…) Containment, I consider it a huge hoax. It only concerns me, it doesn’t ‘hire only me’, he explained to Mario Barravecchia in his show “Welcome Magazine Live”.

While his fellow citizens have been confined since March 17 to stem the Covd-19 epidemic, Jean-Luc Lahaye disregards the measures taken by the French government. “I live my life, I go out on a bike … I put on a mask, because I play the mask game but no bar. Otherwise, that doesn’t prevent me from going out, seeing my friends and seeing my children”, he says.

Jean-Luc Lahaye obviously makes it a point of honor not to do like the others. The artist says too much “freedom-loving” for that : “I’ve always been off-piste in my life and forcing myself to stay locked up at home, it’s impossible. It’s better to put me in prison.” With a rest of lucidity, the singer nevertheless apologizes to “those who want to stay in the frame”


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