Julien Faubert, Maxwel Cornet’s inspiration to become a footballer

Julien Faubert, Maxwel Cornet's inspiration to become a footballer

During a Live Instagram organized by our colleagues from RMC Sport, Maxwel Cornet revealed an anecdote on his inspiration to become a football player.

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Zidane? Ronaldo? Ronaldinho? No, Julien Faubert. Maxwel Cornet revealed to RMC the player who inspired him to become a footballer. Cornet also told of his childhood: “As a child, whether in Ivory Coast or here, I was always with my ball. I never came home to eat at noon because I was on the football fields. There was this love. From the start I knew I wanted to be a professional footballer. I gave myself the means by working every day, “revealed the former FC Metz player.

“Faubert gave me his shirt”

“I have a little anecdote. When Julien Faubert played in Bordeaux, he came to play a match in Metz. I was a ball collector and I was like crazy about being on the field and being able to give the balls to the players. At the end, he goes out, takes off his jersey and gives it to me. I was like crazy! I gave him a big hug and I said “Thank you uncle!” I don’t know why I called it that! At that time, I told myself that I too wanted to become a professional footballer, that I too will play at Saint-Symphorien and that I will have my name on the jersey, “added Cornet.


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