Keep your food in a vacuum, so you can do it!

Keep your food in a vacuum, so you can do it!

Keep your food in a vacuum, so you can do it!

It is well known that one of the most effective methods of preserving food is freezing, the cold keeps food in good condition and extends its shelf life for months.

Vacuum food It is another of the most efficient ways of storing food for a long period of time.

How keep food in a vacuum? That is the question, because acquiring it in this state is easier; However, you can do it at home without using any device.


It is important to mention that the benefits of keep food in a vacuum is that wet foods (meat, fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables) retain their texture.

And solid foods will stay crispy for a long time.


To achieve keep food in a vacuum At home without using any device, you only need two things:

  • A container full of water
  • A zip-lock bag


To get it:

  1. Put those foods you want to keep in the zippered bag
  2. Close the bag almost completely, leave one end open
  3. Dip the food bag into the container with water and do it little by little
  4. When it’s almost completely submerged, close the corner of the bag you’ve left open
  5. Ready!


The water gradually pushes the air inside the bag and when your food is finished it will be vacuum packed.

Thus preserve food in a vacuum at home do you want to try


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