Loco Abreu told why he preferred to play River and not Boca

Loco Abreu told why he preferred to play River and not Boca

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SOCCER-LATAM / – Sebastian Abreu of Argentinas River Plate sits inside the goal after missing a chance to score against Mexicos Chivas Guadalajara in their first-leg, quarter-final Copa Sudamericana soccer match in Buenos Aires, October 22, 2008. REUTERS / Marcos Brindicci (ARGENTINA) buenos aires RIVER VS. CHIVAS soccer 2008 South American soccer cup

Sebastian Abreu, who at 43 is a coach and player for the Boston River in Uruguay, spoke about his current situation and also explained why in 2008 he chose to play at River rather than Boca.

“Once the possibility of playing in Boca arose. But being (Martin) Palermo understood that it would be an eternal substitute, then I never took it as something real, knowing that if he wasmonster‘He was going to play and it was nothing concrete, “he said.

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“But I did take into account when River called me. Because the Cholo (Simeone) and after five minutes, when he speaks to you, you feel a total seduction, a football romanticism and it is where it makes you feel important. So I decided to go to River ”, sentenced the Crazy, who won the Clausura 2008 at the Monumental.

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Abreu recounted how he passes his quarantine at his home in Uruguay. “I am in Montevideo, following the sanitary indications and the recommendations that the Government transmits to us: that we stay at home,” Miter said on radio.

“I am also monitoring the boys on the team due to the situations and complexities that each one may have. We are concerned above all with the human aspect and the person, beyond what training routines may be,” added the coach. Uruguayan.


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