Lufthansa introduces mandatory mouth-nose protection on board

Lufthansa introduces mandatory mouth-nose protection on board

© Boris Roessler / dpa / archive picture
A flight attendant with a face mask welcomes passengers of a Lufthansa Boeing 747 after landing at Frankfurt Airport.

Lufthansa obliges all passengers to wear mouth and nose protection on their flights. In addition, it is recommended to wear the cover throughout the trip, as the company said on Wednesday. From Monday (May 4th), the mandatory mask on board should initially apply to all Group airlines until August 31st this year.

The Lufthansa Group is guided by the regulations of numerous European countries in which it is now mandatory to wear a mouth-and-nose cover in public, it said.

The new regulation eliminates the need to keep the center seats free in rows of three. Lufthansa justified this step by wearing the masks. All aircraft of the Lufthansa Group are equipped with the highest quality air filters, which guarantee air quality as in an operating room. Given the current low occupancy, the passengers will continue to be distributed over the cabin as widely as possible.


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