Luis Fernandez explains why Ronaldinho had such a hectic life

Luis Fernandez explains why Ronaldinho had such a hectic life

Former coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Luis Fernandez returned to the very special personality of Ronaldinho.

If Ronaldinho hung up his boots, the Brazilian remains a star watched by football fans. Released from prison this week, the 2002 world champion closed a new chapter in a very hectic life. It was in Paris that he launched his career in Europe, under the orders of a certain Luis Fernandez. The former PSG coach has not forgotten anything. “He is a boy who left a deep impression on me with his talent, his qualities, what he had in him, what he could achieve on the pitch. Even the first year in training, if you had seen it … It was huge. His gestures, his speed, his passing of legs … When you see him today, you think it’s a shame, “he explained on RMC.

Luis Fernandez: “He’s a boy who didn’t have a father, like me”

Luis Fernandez was able to hang on with his star of the time. But the technician stresses that Ronaldinhos family conditions are not unrelated to his hectic life off the pitch. “He’s a boy who didn’t have a father like me. He had his mom, brother and sister who were there. But they left the second year. They left him alone, with a driver. When you see former Brazilians who allow themselves to criticize him, you are told that he stayed the whole day before a club match. Do you think you’re going to do without a player like that? You try to put a player like that back in good mood. ”


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