Madrid asks the government for help again to bring material already purchased in China against the coronavirus

Madrid asks the government for help again to bring material already purchased in China against the coronavirus

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Madrid is still waiting for the Government to help bring the medical supplies that have been purchased in China and remain in Shanghai. The City Council of the capital continues to await the collaboration of Defense to transport the cargo of half a million masks, PPE and hydrogens purchased, since Barcelona has been able to receive a similar order thanks to the help of the Executive, how advanced Vozpopuli.

The mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, again asked this Friday for the Ministry of Defense to collaborate in which the necessary protection material for essential workers requested by the municipal government reaches the capital. “I ask for a supply of materials, it is essential, and I ask for collaboration. We are not getting as far as we would like them to come and arrive in Spain,” said the councilor.

Martinez-Almeida has mentioned the “logistics platform” that the Government of the Nation has through the Ministry of Defense, to whom it has requested collaboration for the contracts with China to become effective. In addition, it has once again called for “that the tests be generalized in a massive way, to fight more efficiently” against the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not the first time that the alderman requests the collaboration of the Executive, the Mayor of Madrid has asked the Government of Pedro Sanchez for help on several occasions to bring the sanitary material that they have bought from Chinese suppliers. There are oral, written, and letters from the regidor to the Minister of Health Salvador Illa. Support has also been requested in coordination meetings with the Government Delegation.

At the moment, the City of Madrid it has disbursed 19 million euros to buy emergency medical supplies, a sum for which it has had to resort to loans: the volatility of the market forces suppliers to pay in cash. Some of that material is still in Asia. And so they ask for collaboration to bring it to Spain.

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