“Maggie De Block shames the profession”


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A further step has been taken in the hidden conflict between Maggie De Block and the medical professions, with the filing, announced this morning, of a disciplinary complaint against her and addressed to the Provincial Council of the Flemish Brabant College of Doctors and from Brussels.

Tired of being treated by Ms. De Block as “dramaqueens” or “whiners” in the midst of a pandemic, annoyed by the projections of the Minister who did not hesitate to compare covid-19 to a “small flu” or to assert that the wearing of the mask mask does not make sense, the doctors of the Lagardère Association, a medical and social unit from Mons, instructed their Brussels lawyer Paolo Criscenzo, to speed up this complaint.

Doctor David Bouillon is in charge of the association “Lagardère”, an ASBL which has been involved, since 2017, with the support of volunteers, in the “fight for dignity” which consists, among other things, in helping the elderly in difficulty with an ambulance service, emergency accommodation, medical and social services, legal advice, home help or food parcels. In does not mince words with regard to the Minister.

“By filing a complaint, I am confronting my own oath. Maggie De Block shames the profession. Basically, I was happy that a doctor became Minister of Health. I thought she would revalue care and to show sensitivity, reserve, scientific rigor in its remarks. A doctor must enlighten the community in transparency, not to lack intellectual honesty. It jeopardizes the credibility of all the doctors, “insists the doctor from Mons in La Free

And Doctor Bouillon adds that he collects complaints from medical staff and citizens who feel sidelined by the management of the crisis: “We already have twenty-five testimonies”, specifies t -he. “Through the association, we have the statutes to be able to file collective criminal complaints,” he concluded.

(LpR – Source: La Libre / Picture by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash)


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