Maite Kelly disappointed live in the DSDS final

Maite Kelly disappointed live in the DSDS final

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Maite Kelly and Florian Silbereisen

Your first appearance at DSDS final had a student Paulina Wagner certainly presented differently. Maite Kellys song “Seven lives for you” was supposed to be a home game for the 22-year-old who started singing hits. The jury’s response was mixed.

“You have gone through the last shows, no longer taking any chances,” remarked Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen. However, that is the wrong approach for the finale of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. In particular, he criticized the blonde’s range: “You have to be able to sing more than an octave!”

Bohlen, on the other hand, was thrilled again by Paulinas appearance: visually you are awesome. I am 100 percent sure that we will see you again, you are made for television! ”

DSDS: Maite Kelly writes Florian Silbereisen SMS

Also Florian Silbereisen was not really enthusiastic about the first appearance: “You don’t like the quick hit numbers,” he recalled his criticism from the semifinals.

In order not to have to repeat himself, he drew a “telephone joker”. In fact, Maite Kelly spoke personally via SMS. “Don’t be so strict, Florian,” she wrote, “that was a difficult song.” Kelly also emphasized how fabulous Paulina looked in her long dress with a high slit: “The song has never been performed with legs like this. Paulina, darling, you did a great job! ”

DSDS: Maite Kelly disappointed as a joker

Unfortunately Maite’s live shooter did not help Paulina. As a joker, she was a disappointment. Paulina was the first of the four finalists to fly out of the final round.

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