“Many questions remain unanswered” for the resumption


At the microphone of Europe 1, Wednesday noon, the socialist senator from Charente and specialist in school transport Nicole Bonnefoy criticizes the lack of organization of the government in this area.

School transport, “blind spot of educational policies in France”, all the more at the time of the gradual deconfinement of the country? This is what Wednesday advanced on Europe 1 Nicole Bonnefoy, senator of Charente and president of the National Association for educational transport of public education. Socialist parliamentarian says “many questions remain unanswered” in this area after the presentation by Jean-Michel Blanquer of a plan to return students to school in three stages from May 11.

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“All the issues raised in the school, we find them in the bus,” says Nicole Bonnefoy, who lists the questions still topical on the organization of school transport from May 11. “What should be the social distance? Will the pupils have to put on masks, gloves? Who provides them? The family, the authority which organizes transport, the transporter? Will the means of transport have to be disinfected? After each service, after each rotation? ” According to her, it is necessary “to provide maximum health insurance and security” to families and pupils.

Professionals not consulted enough?

From May 11, students who return to school cannot be more than 15 per class. “When school transport takes place, we do not take the pupils of a class, we take the pupils to take them to school, they are the pupils of several classes”, questions Nicole Bonnefoy, worried about logistics complex and not sufficiently anticipated. “How should things get organized?”


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“On health issues, school transport must be secure for families, otherwise they will not put their child in school and will be right not to do so”, continues Nicole Bonnefoy, who insists on the need to provide guidance quickly restarting school transport. “School transport professionals are reactive, can respond and make proposals. They must be involved sufficiently upstream, and so far that has not been the case. We are on the eve of the resumption of school, so it’s not possible. ”


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